available puppies

We have no puppies available at this moment.    Next litter will be expected untill end 2021/ beginning of 2022    

Please contact us for more info about next litter

With us, the families are thoroughly screened before we assign a puppy. every puppy is a child of ours, and we try to find and follow up the best possible home for them.
We are not bread breeders, but breed from heart and kidneys for the breed. With an eye on the breed standard and its improvement.
Every family is always assisted with advice and deed with their new puppy, especially when it comes to their first afghan
A good Home comes first.
With us you buy not only a puppy, but a piece of our soul.
People who immediately ask for the price fall off for us already. As well as puppies without pedigree we do not have!
Cheaper puppies can be obtained from bread breeding where everything is not so closely related to the health and well-being of mother and puppies.
So if you are interested send a motivational e-mail with some explanation about you, your dog experience, your wishes of an Afghan and the family situation where he will end up.
And above all, be honest.

Our kennel is registered with the Belgian kennel club KMSH (St Hubertus) and the international kynological federation FCI.
Among them, we have to strictly adhere to certain rules, such as the welfare of dogs and puppies, pedigrees, chips, official health surveys submitted according to breed and not insignificant that the parents meet the FCI breed standard.
In addition, they are bred with DNA, i.e. both parents must have their DNA known, and all puppies' DNA is compared with the parents before the pedigrees are assigned.
We only breed a litter sporadically and they are born and raised in the living room so that they become all the influences of home kitchen family and children become common. Even after their first shot, we all go home together to discover something around the world. Socialization is an important fact for us, something you take with you for life.