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About us, our storry...

In 2017, After more than 20 years in the dog world, I finally followed my heart and dream and looked forward to my very first Afghan.
May 2017 was the day and Prince came into our lives.  Born at Dorota, the FCI kennel Korczowki from poland, Unknown kennel in the Afghans, because that was also her very first afghan litter. Everything was going to be fine and in May 2017 Prince came to our house, our first Afghan, a boyhood dream come true. But it was not clear then that this was the beginning of a great adventure. I already had some experience in the dog world but afghans were new to us, soon I started it on show in puppy class and got good results. His puppy cariere went from one success to another, he also shined in the honour ring of the prestigious Sighthound festival Donaueschingen in Germany. Multi Puppy winner, Mainring placements,...
His show career started when he ran his first show in youth class at the World Dog Show in leipzig at a very young age of 9months and 2 weeks.
With a small heart and as a newcomer I stood between the big men on "The World Show". In a class of 20 youth males he was finally 4th placarded among the big breeders. This was the confirmation to move forward and take Prince to the next level.
After 2 years we topped the summit with great results to many times Best of Group
and our first BEST IN SHOW became reality at Venray NL 2020 on 2200 Dogs!!!
Further results can be found on his page.
Prince's great success and fantastic kartakter prompted us to bring in a second Afghan, with the idea of later applying for a kennel name and doing our first litter one day.

In 2018, Yasmine, a sweet crazy blonde girl, who developed into an elegant Golden Girl, joined in. a type of Afghan who needs a lot of time to develop. therefore she did not appear so often on show in youth class. sprawled in the seat is her favorite place in the house. But her time will come....
Free your Mind is our kennel name, which will also carry all the puppies born with us, a name we have thought about for a long time, a name that had to lead to Prince being the start of everything, and has a nice meaning.

Free Your Mind is the pedigree name of Todi, "Celestian Free Your Mind" the father of Prince, also living with Dorota " he would look like 2 drops of water like tweezers, we wanted to meet him, but unfortunately he died 3 months before our planned visit to Poland. (to a bacterial infection)
An ode to Dorota Korcz and Todi.
But everything went faster than planned, Dorota had bought Tija from russia after the death of todi with nice lines in the pedigree, with future plans that combine with prince, and so on to be able to continue her line.
2019 was a bad year for Dorota and due to family, financial and health problems the plans could not go ahead, and Tija came along. I started with her on show but she didn't like it, she came in heating and we all decided to let the cover and the litter went born in our kennel in Belgium. everything went according to plan, medical tests, coverage, gestation,...
And on 26/11/2019 she gave birth to a litter of 11 healthy puppies. All with a very sweet character and beautiful structure.
From this litter 4 went to show homes, and we keep 2 ourselves.

Our kennel is registered by the Belgian kennel club KMSH (St Hubertus) and the international kynological federation FCI.
Among them, we have to strictly adhere to certain rules, such as the welfare of dogs and puppies, pedigrees, registrationchips, official health surveys submitted according to breed and not insignificant that the parents meet the FCI breed standard.
In addition, they are bred with DNA,. both parents must have their DNA known, and all puppies' DNA is compared with the parents before the pedigrees are assigned.
We only breed a litter sporadically and they are born and raised in the living room so that they become all the influences of home kitchen family and children become common. Even after their first shot, we all go outdoor together to discover something around the world. Socialization is an important fact for us, something you take with you for life.