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The Afghan Hound


An AfghanHound is not a dog for inexperienced people. They are independent and therefore not easy to raise. They live their own lives as it were. On the basis of mutual respect, however, a lot can be achieved, but they will never listen perfectly, a hard hand will cause them a oposit reaction. Because they are mentally very sensitive and have a very low pain threshold.
Kindness, patience, love and respect are the magic words for a good bond with the Afghan Greyhound.
The Afghan usually has a long to very long coat, and I can appear all colors. from white to black.
They have an (official) wither height in bitches of 63-69cm and in males of 68-74 cm, outliers are sometimes possible but not allowed.
Their condition is very special, they can reach speeds of 40-45km/h with great stamina. For this they also get a heart rate of 300/min !!!
The Afghan greyhound has been found in Europe for a century. He is especially kept as elegant accompaniment or domestic dog. He has a swinging way of walking and long hair. It is very important that he gets a lot of exercise and is not kept as a decorative object, He must be able to express himself, which is best achieved during greyhound training (coursing or racetrack) or by running along with the bike.

Hunting instinct,

Afghan greyhounds have a large hunting instinct, they are also called sight hunters, Sighthounds is the english term. Because the name greyhound is lauter a dutch term that comes from wind hare hunter.
They were used in the past for the hunting of chamois and gazelles, and had to fight wolves and other predators, but are usually used on small game. Now this yacht is no longer allowed with us, and their hunting instinct is used on the racetrack or coursing competitions. 
The strength of the dog lies in its speed, agility and endurance, therefore they can catch a live and healthy rabbit or hare in open field. During the hunt he measured wildly over many kilometers and is tactically enclosed and captured. This is imitated in the Coursing competitions.
The Afghan greyhound has been found in Europe for a century. 


Because Afghans are sight hunters, it is not easy to let go during a walk. They have a vision to see its small prey up to 1 km. Once its prey is in sight, they can't be kept. therefore a good collar and possibly a long line are recommended, or let them walk on a closed tere or the racetrack they love!

At home,

As a pet dog they are of course very suitable, if you have a well-sealed garden and plenty of space in the sofa, because that is their favorite place.
as a result, they are usually very quiet dogs in the house. they do not demand the attention continuously, but rather be left alone.
They are also very child-friendly and affectionate to children, if they are raised in the same way, but they remain a dog of course.


Of course, there is a large piece of fur care involved, the better the coat care, the more beautiful and the longer the coat becomes. Daily combing or brushing is a myth, because dry brushing or combing you lose more hair.
As a show dog, they are washed and blown weekly, as a domestic dog, washing every 2weeks and brushing in between is enough, depending on how dirty you let them become of course.
Therefore, a suitable winter garden is recommended for the long rain periods, (paved and covered walking areas).